Welcome to Groups-That-Work, LLC

MY PASSION is to help curious adults — from teenagers to the chronologically gifted — to connect online in forums, communities, and networks to learn and grow knowledge together. Learners might be high school students and their teachers linking across schools or nonprofit association members networking across disciplines and geography or people who wish to grow their knowledge of vital topics with allies and cultivate their online savvy and leadership skills.

am eager to see the results too, i.e., individuals using their new knowledge and skills and organizations achieving improved outcomes. I wish to continue improving the quality of life for people and communities through the purpose-driven use of online technologies and processes. I see myself as a guide, a catalyst, a community organizer, and a nutritionist fostering the growth of new ideas.

In the past, I have worked as a state legislative advocate for older Americans, as policy staff in the Florida legislature and the Governor’s office, as a volunteer in substantive nonprofit roles, and now as an online learning facilitator.  My credentials in social work, organizational development, performance excellence, and facilitation help me believe in the potential of people to make wonderful things happen wherever they are.